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A News Editor In Your Pocket

Pocket Reporter is a web app that guides novice and veteran journalists through the news gathering process.



Story Templates

The essential questions to ask to help you write the best story.



Questions are available in multiple languages.


Useful Resources

Resources to compliment a topic or journalistic practice.

Share only what you want, when you want

Stories are only saved on your device and no-one will have access until you choose to share it via Whatsapp or E-mail.


Share your story via WhatsApp.


Share your story via E-mail .


Your story is only stored on your device.

How to use pocket reporter for
comprehensive & accurate election reporting


Visit and familiarise yourself with the Pocket Reporter tool

Pocket reporter has checklists and questions for various reporting situations. Resources downloaded while online can be used even when you are offline!


When reporting, choose the checklist relevant to your story

Pocket Reporter has more than 50 checklists to choose from across 7 categories. These checklists have been created by veteran journalists to ensure they are valuable and up to date.


Gather critical information by following the story checklist

Complete the checklist to ensure you don’t forget to gather any important information when reporting in the field.


Easily share your reporting with colleagues and editors

Pocket Reporter automatically saves all your stories to your device, even while offline. You can then easily choose to share only specific stories once you have access to the internet.


Reference Pocket Reporter when writing your story

When writing your story, use the details gathered using Pocket Reporter to construct a well researched and accurate description of events.