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Explore municipal financial data using the

SANEF Data Dashboard


Visit the SANEF Election Dashboard and discover municipal finance data

The Election Dashboard is available at The landing page contains a brief video introduction to the dashboard.


Select or search for a particular
municipality you are interested in

By selecting a particular municipality, you are able to select a financial performance indicator in the menu bar.


Explore various financial performance
datasets of a municipality

The dashboard allows you to select a number of municipal financial datasets. These include, among others) irregular, unauthorised, fruitless and wasteful expenditure as well as information on how a municipality generates its income.


Explore the data by financial year dating back to 2015

To give better historical context regarding the performance of a municipality, you are able to see change over a period of time, by the financial year on a particular financial performance dataset. You are able to answer the simple question, “has this municipality improved, or regressed over time?”


Selecting the rich data view

The rich data view provides you with another opportunity to slice the data by available variables.
It gives deeper context to the financial situation of a municipality, e.g. being able to see how much of the budget was spent on fruitless and wasteful
expenditure for a particular financial year.

The tools you need

Use the provided tools to answer questions and provide context about an area.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map

Use the interactive map to see the municipal makeup of an area. Click on an area will zoom in and further subdivide down to ward level.

Data Mapper

Data Mapper

Use the Data Mapper to visualise data indicators on the map and see where they are more or less represented. Darker areas indicate higher intensity of an indicator.

Rich Data

Rich Data

Use the Rich Data panel to find detailed information about a municipality or area. This data can be tables or graphs illustrating a broad range of metrics, from local budgets to demographics.

Point Mapper

Point Mapper

Use the Point Mapper to visualise specific geographic points of interest.