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Welcome to the SANEF election dashboard

An effective and responsive toolset for aspiring and established journalists reporting on the upcoming local government elections and beyond.

The information in the data dashboard will provide journalists with both context, and a factual basis for reporting on municipalities.

Read more about doing stories with the local government data dashboard here.

An interactive map and data exploration tool

Interactive Map

View data on national, provincial, district, municipal and even ward level.

Data Mapper

Compare neighbouring areas directly on the map.

Rich Data

View detailed metrics to get a clearer understanding of a specific region.

datasets currently available

This is an expanding project and more datasets will be added as they become available.

Telling Stories With Data

Gaining an understanding of what you can do

with the SANEF Election Dashboard


Visit the SANEF Election Dashboard and get acquainted with it

The Election Dashboard is available at The landing page contains a brief video introduction to the dashboard.


Explore the datasets that are available
on the dashboard

Amongst others, the dashboard includes data pertaining to elections, municipal finance and demographics. The dashboard also comes with three different ways to view the data.


Explore the data mapper view

This view provides a graphic representation of the various datasets for a selected geographical location. It’s particularly useful for comparing data across different provinces, municipalities or even wards.


Explore the point mapper view

This view uses GPS coordinates to map point data. Once a point is selected, more information about that particular point can be viewed. The utility of this view lies in its ability to show the geographic spread of particular data, for example where protests have taken place.


Explore the rich data view

This view shows all available data for a selected geographical location in chart and table format. This is best for seeing all available for a chosen geographical location in one place.