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  • Reporting resources give journalists access to recent and up-to-date resources and information about the 2024 national and provincial Election.

SAFETY OF JOURNALISTS 4 ways to get assistance

  • In the event that a member of the media is facing any form of threat or violence, this must be reported to the South African Police Service as a matter of urgency, as the appropriate authority tasked with handling criminal matters.

    All members of the media are encouraged to prioritise their safety and the safety of those around them, put in place necessary measures for protection, and seek appropriate assistance from colleagues, friends and family, and the designated bodies that can assist.

    The SAPS can be contacted on 10111.


  • Disinformation during an election period is particularly dangerous. For elections to be free, fair, and credible, it is of crucial importance that the electorate has access to accurate, credible, and reliable information. The insidious nature of disinformation works by creating confusion, doubt and mistrust in credible institutions (news media, independent electorial bodies etc.) which can affect how and where the public chooses to access information. If those sources of information are not a credible, the opportunity for false information is that much greater. This directly impacts the nature of a free and fair election.


  • Party funding refers to how political parties raise funding and the regulations that apply to funding practices.